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Home Energy Audits

Carrier - Air Conditioning & Heating Equipment Sheetmetal Fabrication

Carrier Energy Experts know heating and cooling inside and out. AND they have extensive high level training in air filtration and distribution (ductwork), and in the home envelope, a.k.a. your home's "outer shell" (roof, outer walls, insulation, floors, windows and doors).

We will do a Carrier 360° on your home - using sophisticated, state-of-the-art home performance technology - so your home will feel more comfortable, your energy bills can be lower, and you can feel better about the air your family's breathing.

The Carrier® 360° Whole Home Energy Audit

The Carrier 360° is a six-step process that includes a full range of services to determine and resolve. The first three steps last about 3-4 hours and identify areas of concern. The last three involve fixing them.

Step 1: Inspection

Your Carrier® Energy Expert will begin with the "Inspection Phase" of the Carrier 360°. They'll go through a comprehensive check-list with you, review your past energy bills, and ask you a series of questions to identify any significant areas of concern. Next, they'll inspect your heating and cooling equipment, water heater, ductwork, insulation, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and check combustible appliance zones to monitor carbon monoxide levels around your furnace and water heater. They'll check for gas leaks as well.

Step 2: Testing

Your Carrier Energy Expert will do a series of highly sophisticated tests using such state-of-the-art technology as a thermal imaging camera, blower door system, static pressure gauge, duct blaster, and flow hood. (Actual tests, equipment and analyses performed may vary depending on dealer and geographic location.)

Step 3: Analysis

Using the data collected during the inspection and testing phases of the Carrier 360°, Carrier Energy Experts determine ways you can save on your energy costs. They use sophisticated software to help diagnose and pinpoint solutions. They'll show you things you can change to make a difference. They'll even do a cost benefit analysis for energy control measures - translated, that means they'll let you know about how much you may save on your energy bills once you've addressed all of the recommendations made as the result of your Carrier 360°.

Step 4: Recommendations

They'll put together a simple game plan so you can manage all of the energy systems in your home...from heating and cooling, to ducting, to your home's envelope. They'll present you with a "priority list" so you can choose what fits into your budget and your time...things you can do to make your home comfortable and get those energy bills lowered.

Step 5: Resolution

Consider Carrier Energy Experts as your "one-stop shop". Their extensive training and expertise allow them to take care of all three fundamentals in your whole home performance...heating and cooling, air filtration / distribution, and the home envelope. They'll work WITH you and get it done FOR you.

Step 6: Results

THIS is what it's all about. No break-the-bank surprises, no long term commitments, no pressure. Quite simply, Carrier Energy Experts want to help you feel results...with greater comfort and lower energy costs for years to come.